Disclaimers and Care Instructions

I am currently not making any custom orders.

All products are handmade with immense love.


  • You may find slight imperfections in resin as its not plastic or glass. And it's not breakproof or heat resistant. Avoid keeping oven-hot dishes on any resin platters/charger plates/coasters. A warm mug can soften the resin which will cause a ring to form on the coasters.
  • Resin can be cleaned with mild soap & water
  • Do not store any of your Resin items in extreme cold or hot temperatures,
  •  Please avoid excessive UV/sunlight to your art pieces especially resin as it may yellow over time.
  • Wall Art should be cleaned with a soft microfibre cloth.
  • Keep all Acrylic Pours away from any kind of liquids.

 A little something for Resin Ashtrays:

  • I would not recommend putting out cigarette directly on the surface unless you want to have a burn mark! Use a coin in the ashtray to put out whatever you are smoking on. Ashes are just fine, wipe off clean.

All products are one of a kind pieces, but I do make similar ones.

Replacements or refunds will not be issued after items are received in good condition.

I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages, but you can message me and I’ll try to fix the situation to the best of my ability.

Please email or message me on Instagram with any questions! :)